Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Visual Aid

Here in the dark language fails.
Your hand traces rivers on the map
of my back. They all flow south.

You look at me without speaking
but I need to fill this space, make manifest
the destiny I feel lying naked in your arms.

Language fails. I can not explain
what you will find as your explore me.
I want to warn you, to tell you

I am riddled with danger, mountains
of snow, and valleys of hurt, miles and miles
of solitude. But you are young and brave

and your fingers are so gentle on my skin.
I will guide you. Together maybe
we’ll reach the far shore. Language fails

but the maps do not lie. You draw
me closer. I press my words to your mouth
and let the warm waters rise.


TMAR said...

Your words make me feel. That is why I love coming to your page. It evokes these feelings inside of me that sometimes I take for granted.

Emily said...

thank you, that is such a great compliment!

Nathan said...

Lovely. You really do great work with the landscape/map metaphor here.

Emily said...

Thanks, Nathan! This is a combination of a couple different ideas I've tried to put into poems before.