Friday, December 5, 2008

An American Sentence (ETA: make that three)

If god was a cat, I would worship gladly by napping in the sun.

There’s so little sun in winter; streetlights through my window must suffice.

Inspiration for these two came from the poetry collaborative. It's posted there as well. Go leave your own, if the muse strikes.

And this one may be the first line of a collaborative poem Sam and I will write:

When I was young I used to sit and write my name over and over

Info about, and many many examples of, American Sentences can be found here.


Dana said...

Hey, I just completed my statement of purpose, and I am wiped out. I mean, really. Who knew it would be so hard, and such an emotional undertaking.


Emily said...

hi dana! congrats on the statement. they are so much more difficult than one would think. i am freaking out right now because one of my recommenders is m.i.a. and i have my first app due a week from tomorrow! ugh!

Nathan said...

Hey, I hope you and Sam are considering submitting that collaborative poem to quarrtsiluni. :)

Emily said...

nathan, that's exactly what we're considering :)

are you coming to larry's tonight?