Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Desperation (re: grad school apps)

Soooo.....one of my recommenders is MIA..... I sent her an email last week, the day after everything was supposed to be back to me. No response. Sent her another one today. I have a postmark deadline of Monday for my first application, and am really freaking out. It's not even an app I'd feel at all okay about scratching off the list either; in fact, it's probably my top choice right now. I don't know what to do. I'm desperate enough to ask someone else to write me a letter, but I don't know who I'd feel okay about springing it on at this late date. Ugh! Lady, you're stressing me out!

And this may be insane, but I am thinking of scrapping my SOP and re-writing it. Everyone else's seems to be so much more INTERESTING than mine. Actually what I think I'll do is set aside an evening (either tonight or tomorrow) with lots of coffee, and just sit down and write a new statement, then compare the two the next day when I am no longer under the influence of a late night caffeine buzz.

But I'm seriously freaking out about the recommendation letters..... Seriously.


Emily said...

addendum.... I just asked another client of mine to write me a backup letter (at least for the three schools whose apps are due in december). I apologized profusely for the late notice, explained the whole situation, and told her she's completely free to say no. Now I'm holding my breath to see what she says...

On the plus side, I finished and uploaded my two statements for U of M tonight. Just need to finish a cv (WTF? seriously, who asks for a cv from someone applying to an MFA? Michigan, that's who. Bastards...) and then pay the fee, and MN just needs the fee paid, and then all three December apps will be done.

Dana said...

This happened to me once. I had to scramble and get someone else to write something for me. He was really nice and understanding.

I'm so sorry this is happening! You don't need this kind of stress when you've been so diligent about getting everything done.

Emily said...

Thanks, Dana! My backup recommender said she'll do it :)

Can't wait to get this stuff in the mail Monday!

Dana said...

Did you end up rewriting your statement of purpose?