Sunday, September 13, 2009

Even the sight of Scarlet and Grey makes me homesick and I don't care about OSU football

A non-comprehensive list of things I miss about Columbus

- Giant Eagle a block from my apartment
- the ability to buy wine at the grocery store
- good, cheap, noodle places
- Greek food
- lots of Indian restaurants
- Northstar (or anything like it)
- good food in general
- gay bars
- a neighborhood where I would feel comfortable kissing a girl on the street
- The Short North in general
- specifically all the great independent shops
- even more specifically, Posh Pets, Substance, Karavan, Paul Robinett, etc.
- Goodale Park
- a skyline view
- the Olentangy bike trail
- flat places to run
- Clintonville
- The North Market
- the grimy parts of the OSU campus area
- Poetry Forum at Rumba
- Café Apropos
- MoJoe Lounge – specifically good iced coffee and a pretty patio
- and most importantly, my friends!!!!!!!!!


Marita Siddal said...

This list is really touching. I feel the same way about DC a lot of the time, and I only live an hour away. I visited a friend this weekend, and after a late dinner we ambled over to a waterfront view bursting with lights. A perfect moment, but now I miss my city all the more . . . I specifically like that you mention "the grimy parts." Places endear themselves to us the same as people do: when you're really in love, even the imperfections move you.

Emily said...

Thanks, Marita!