Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Perfect Scent (and other random info)

Haiku from yesterdays Poem-A-Day prompt. It was to write a "clean" poem. I am kind of obsessed with spring right now, so that's why this is the direction I went.

The Perfect Scent

April air is clean
all green and white, the wet browns
of bark, mulch, background

to daffodil notes
hyacinth, dogwood, nameless
sweetness, breathable

refreshing, never
too heavy, only beauty

Monday's prompt was to write about something missing. Mine ended up being about my ex, so I'm not posting it. And today's prompt was to write about routine. I am knowingly bad at routine, and could not come up with anything decent. I put something together, but it's one of those poems this month that I knew would be terrible.

I read on Monday at Poetry Forum Open Mic, after our featured reader Mary Weems. She was really fabulous, a Cleveland lady who came down to read and hang out on a Monday night. Love that! I read two of the new April poems - "Genesis" and the one about Longaberger. Got good responses on both, and had a nice chat afterward with Connie and Steve and Mary. I stuck around the bar after poetry because Stacey convinced me that the music would be good, and it was.

Also, I got my last rejection letter this week, so now all the results are in. They are, in order of the date I remember receiving them....

Penn State - Accepted
Alabama - Rejected
Michigan - Rejected
Minnesota - Waitlisted
Wisconsin - Rejected
Colorado State - Rejected
West Virginia - Accepted
NEOMFA/Cleveland State - Accepted
Columbia College Chicago - Rejected


Lil McGill said...

i like this haiku triplet
so which school will you go to?

Nathan said...

Is it a relief to have all your results in?
I wish I could've been there Monday. Maybe I'll see you next time.