Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I don't think I've mentioned it before, but I am going to try to do the April Poem-A-Day Challenge. I tried awhile back to write a poem a day for a month, but I picked a really busy month, and I was attempting it on my own, with no prompts, or challengers, so I'm hoping this will work better. I am sure some of them will be truly awful, but I'll post some that are less awful. The first prompt was to write a poem about origins. My mind went straight to the creation story in Genesis because the very talented Scott Woods mentioned on Monday that he's writing a series of haiku that are like a summary of the Bible.


I was never thrilled with the creation story.
There is no time I can not remember
knowing that God created the earth
in six short days, and I always thought:
where's the fun in that? How could He
appreciate what He'd done if the distance
between void and verdant paradise
was less than a week? I always thought
God must be like my father, a hard worker,
with no time for fun. My father builds
everything as quickly as possible, he could
miss entire phyla of creatures, never noticing
the arthropods or the nematodes until Adam,
the darling, the only boy, asked him
Why are there so many worms?


B said...

Lovely poem! Found you at the Writer's Digest Poetry Challenge site...B.

Emily said...

Thanks, B! I read through some of the poems posted for yesterday's prompt but there are just so many! I'm about to start on Day #2 :)

kg said...

Wow, beautiful poem! You should try to publish this somewhere!

Emily said...

Thanks, Kara! I do like this one. It's definitely worth some revisions.