Monday, March 2, 2009

Grad School Update, as of March 1st

My list....

Penn State - ACCEPTED
Alabama - REJECTED :(
Wisconsin - REJECTED according to their website but have not received it through the mail yet :( :( (yes, that's a double sad face, cuz it really was my top choice)
Minnesota - WAITLISTED (but I don't think I would go even if that changed to an acceptance)
Colorado State
West Virginia
Columbia College
Cleveland State/NEOMFA

Going to visit Penn State on March 20th, and very excited about that, but really hoping to get more (all????) responses before that date for two reasons, 1) just so I know, and if I don't get another good offer, I can confirm with them, and 2) if I get in to either Cleveland State, WVU, or (miraculously) Michigan, I might stretch out my time off from work so I can visit more than one place around that time....

Poetry Forum tonight. For once I have stuff printed out to read. Not wanting to be at work today. Ready for spring. And ready to just KNOW where I'm going next!


Nathan said...

Sorry about your rejections, Emily. Sounds like you've still got some good options though. See you tonight!

Emily said...

Thanks, Nathan! It'll all be good, I know that.

See you at Rumba later :)

Dana said...

I don't think Columbia College has even started reviewing applications. I just got an email from them saying they don't have my transcripts (even though I had them faxed weeks ago) and that they will need them before they begin their review of manuscripts.

So it might be a little while before we hear from them either way.

Emily said...

Hi Dana, I'm so glad you applied to Columbia too! I figure they and the NEOMFA will be the last places I hear from, because they had the later application deadlines. I'm trying to chill out and just know I'll hear when I'm meant to. You've gotta tell me when you get your first acceptance! (because I just know you'll get a few)