Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Poem for the Palm Tree in my Hallway


It appeared in the hallway
in November, half-dead, drooping
in the corner before the stairs.
We guessed someone moved out
and left it, houseplants don't travel
all that well, and this one
was none too healthy to start.

We talked to it when we walked by
sometimes. Poor palm tree,
did someone abandon you?

It thrived there in front of the window,
cold winter sun enough to bring it back.
Someone must have watered it
over the holidays, into the new year.

You stopped coming over in February,
and now air is getting warmer. Last week
I opened the window in the hallway to give it
some fresh air, fronds leaning and reaching
toward the light. This morning I saw
that one of my neighbors brought a stick inside
and tied the palm upright with bright orange ribbons.

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