Friday, January 30, 2009

January (can go to hell)

So, I’ve heard through the MFA grapevine that Alabama has already accepted some people. My stomach plummeted when I first read that, because I applied there and would really really like to get in (right now, for the weather, if for no other reason – I’m only half joking!) But then I got to thinking, they’re probably calling their top choices; if those people don’t choose to go there, then they’ll probably notify their second choices. I’ve not heard of acceptances yet at very many schools, and none of the others to which I applied, so I don’t feel too panicked yet. Or I’m trying not to at least. Ugh! I’m also finding this weather completely miserable. See below crappy poem…..


I eat too little, drink too much,
my body tensely shakes
unable to wrap itself
warmly enough around another,
tightly enough in blankets.

There are always gaps,
between her flesh and mine,
holes in the blanket let in
the cold air at night.

This hunger is not punishment.
My stomach is full of tears
and cold, contracted air. If I could eat,
I would. She tasted of mint
last time I saw her, cold but sweet.
These tastes linger, dilute themselves
as the ice melts in my glass.

My teeth clink against each other,
I curl in on myself, holding my own heat.

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