Monday, January 12, 2009

And an update....

I have been absolutely SWAMPED for the past month. Between working mad hours, all the holiday stuff, and getting four more grad school applications out, I have neglected my blog shamefully.

I made a small attempt to remedy that today but posting that little debris poem. Will post more soon.

Finished the collaborative poem with Sam tonight. At MoJoe. In front of the fireplace. Yay for fireplaces and girlfriends who write poems. We were discussing how we miss Larry's. Columbus is getting too f***ing clean these days; all the anarchy is becoming memory, all the holes in the wall are being patched, leaving a smooth white surface I just want to scribble on.....

Send good thoughts after my applications at Alabama, Penn State, West Virginia, and Colorado State, if you would.

Poem on :)

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