Friday, October 10, 2008

This is a sex poem (and a Halloween poem too)

because Halloween and sex go together so very, very well IMO. And it's that time of year, and I have some great Halloween sex stories, and well, yeah, that's about it. Anyway, girls, my Larry's assignment is now completed :) I couldn't come up with a better title though, sorry. Suggestions are welcome.

One Night Stand

The darkness never frightened me,
the falling into another, the ghostly
glow of moonlight illumining a shoulder
rising above me, a hand reaching
for something, a lock of dark hair
snaking over the pale smudge of your face
in the night. I was not afraid then,
not of pain, not of pleasure, your teeth
against my skin, your heat
against my tongue, the beat
of our bodies and our hearts
to a breaking point, a crashing,
the limits of pressure and sensation,
the end of anticipation. It was later,
in the light of morning, as we dressed
and kissed goodbye, that I felt fear.

1 comment:

S.L. Corsua said...

This has made my pulse race, and for two reasons, too: the buildup and the punch-in-the-gut ending. ;)

I've much enjoyed reading your poems here, especially "View from the Kitchen Window after Four Years of War", for its detailed depiction of the scene, and the untitled poem (posted October 1) which I hope will be turned into a final piece (its first stanza is a knock-out). Cheers.