Thursday, October 30, 2008

something a bit different

started writing this yesterday...sort of in a different vein than I usually write, but whatev. here it is. unfinished, obviously. i've been focusing on revising for my writing sample so haven't done a huge amount of new writing recently. plus trying not to get sick. and getting ready for Halloween.

but anyway, here it is, whatever it is....

The messiah has come
back from his sojourn in the desert.
He left Tucson a year ago,
returned to his humble roots
here in the city where anything
can happen and almost everything
has. It has been so long

since anything like this
has happened to me. I sat
across a small stone table
from him, and asked why
he'd cut his hair. He wanted
to grow up, he said, the long hair
made him look so young.

I felt my faith return when he reached
across the table and took my hand,
a miracle to feel this at thirty....

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