Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Poem-A-Day Challenge, Day 6

Make It Beautiful

Hair that was braided,
dirty, make shining and clean,
use the fan to blow it just right.
Feet that were calloused,
dark, thick-skinned, make
soft and clean, barely touch
the ground. A simple tunic
make couture. Weathered
skin make pristine. Deer
make fearless, leaf fall symbolic,
the boat in the background
unimportant, beauty the focus.

(After “Pocahontas” by Annie Leibovitz)

1 comment:

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Your poem mirrors a bit of mine, although mine came out much more angry. Thank you for your words today. It was my first visit to this particular prompting space, I've been using ReadWritePoem and thought I would branch out...