Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Lovely Day (and a bunch of boring details)

Well, I did walk to campus yesterday to get my student ID and set up my computer access and my email account. I actually liked the picture for my ID, which was a nice surprise, as I normally hate the way I photograph. Today I went and picked up the books I'll be using to teach freshman composition. Looked through them a bit this afternoon, and while it's kind of overwhelming, it's also very exciting. I am also desperately waiting for my tuition bill to post so that I can get my student loan money deposited into my checking account; it is this whole involved process where the bill doesn't actually post until after you activate you computer account, and then you have to submit it to the bursar, and then they can't "refund" your loan money until after the first day of classes. Even though I have a tuition waiver, I did request loans this first semester to help with the costs of moving and getting settled and leaving my old job and all of that stuff. I'm broker than I should be right now, but I have a very small paycheck coming next Wednesday (leftover from my job) and then hopefully, if all goes correctly, I'll have the loan disbursed the following week. I'm in no danger of starving in the meantime, but I can't afford to ride the bus, so I guess I'll be walking my first couple days of orientation; it should take about 35 minutes. I timed the walk to Burrowes today (the English building where I picked up my comp books) and it took 37 minutes; Willard, where orientation is being held, is slightly closer.

I actually had a very nice day today. We got our modem delivered this morning and now have real, reliable, internet that actually is intended for our use. I got back from campus around 1:00, I think, baked some sugar cookies, walked to the grocery and got a few things, read for awhile, then went running around 5:45. Had a nice run, for the first time; I don't know if I'm getting used to the hills, or if I just picked a better route this time. I also made a really yummy dinner: pasta with zucchini, chickpea, and tomato sauce. Yum, yum, yum. And lots of leftovers too.


Marita Siddal said...

The way you write makes me want to relax into your little nook of the world . . .

I feel your pain about financial aid. Due to some mixups between the administration and the bursar, my reimbursement check for a scholarship VCFA gave me has yet to be cut and mailed . . . and I've been in the program for a month now!

Best of luck to you as you continue to settle in.

TMAR said...

Yay, sounds like you are getting settled in. Good Luck! xo-tmar

Emily said...

Thank you, Marita. I will take that as a very nice compliment :)

Sorry to hear about your financial aid issue, and I hope it gets sorted out soon. This whole loan process is new to me; I went through my undergrad on a full scholarship and never had to deal with student financial aid before.

TMAR - Thank you, thank you! How are you doing?

JayTee said...

I'm getting loans to help out with the extra costs to start out too. The school is behind in posting loans so who knows when I'll get them. I can't wait for all the stress of moving and settling in to subside!