Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Within the space of less than a week, I have gone televisionless and carless. I think I like it. I will definitely do more walking, and more reading, and hopefully more writing as well.

I also started reading the poems in Late Wife by Claudia Emerson last night, and I love them. And started reading James Wright's letters in A Wild Perfection. Good stuff, good stuff! Just thinking about how I will never get past being a country girl. No matter how long I live in cities or how much I appreciate them, there is part of me that will always recognize and attach to the seasons and what they mean to the land and to those who farm it.


Anonymous said...

I have made it my summer theme to refrain from television. My roommate asked if I wanted to keep the TV when she moves out, and I politely declined. It's liberating.

Emily said...

That is a great idea for summer. There are so many better ways to spend time, especially now when the weather is nice! When, and why, is your roomie moving out?

Anonymous said...

Something involving boyfriend, renting a house in the burbs, the usual. Meh.