Friday, May 29, 2009

I feel like a real grad student

I am registered for classes now! Yeehaw!

Intro to Graduate Study
Poetry Workshop
Writer in the Community

plus a 1 hour Teaching Colloquium, and my freshman comp teaching assignment.

Super cool!


Nathan said...

This is so great! If you want to talk about teaching freshman comp sometime, let me know.

Emily said...

Thanks, Nathan. I'm sure I'll take you up on this at some point. We should plan a poets' happy hour some time soon.....

kg said...

Me too me too!

Non-fiction workshop
The Humorous Essay
Forms and Theory of Prose


Emily said...

Yay, Kara! It's exciting, isn't it?

Though I confess to still wishing you would be in PA with me ;)

I forget, are you teaching too?