Thursday, November 13, 2008

grad school update

i paid my first application fee last night! $56 to wisconsin. yes, that's really $56. when i looked at my nerdy little spreadsheet, i thought it was a typo, but no; i finished filling out the online app last night and got to the end and it really is a $56 application fee. weird. now i only have $395 left.

i'm going to do one per week, more or less, to spread it out. i looked at a calendar and i've got enough time to do it that way and get everything in on time; i think only two or three are due in december, then a bunch on january 15th, and then one or two not till february. i also filled out the online app for west virginia but haven't submitted/paid it yet. might try to get the others filled out soon too, just to have one less step later on. the wisconsin online app was long and involved, but wv was very simple; no clue yet what the others will be like.

waiting to get letters back from my recommenders so i can actually send the physical stuff out. right now, after working on my statement again last night, i feel like i'm about as ready as i'm gonna get and i want to just get it over with and out of my hands and out there to the universe and let things happen as they are meant to.


Christopher said...

Are you thinking about going to Wisconsin? How cool is that! I LOVED UW-Madison. And I've also checked out UW-Milwaukee, which is great for Urban Planning :-).

The city of Madison is so much fun. I'm hoping you get in! :-P

Emily said...

yep, UW-Madison is one of my top choices. i've heard great things about the city, and the school.

thanks for wishing me luck!

love your blog, btw!

Dana said...

I pulled my maybe final set of poems together today. That's the hardest part, I think, for me anyway.

Dana said...

Oh, and yay! for making so much progress.

Emily said...

hi dana! congrats on pulling your sample together. i'll be happy to read it if you'd want :)

one set of my recommendation letters are coming back to me today. i'm getting a little anxious on the other two, but will probably send a gentle reminder soon.