Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Strong Sun Moon

first lightning bugs of the season tonight.... a whole courtyard full of them... lovely little critters, aren't they?

Strong Sun Moon*

It’s been the hardest June
less alone than I’m used to
and more than I’d like.

I stare up at the sky
clouds like smoke on a chambray cloth
dry and pale near the horizon
the fabric wet and stretched translucent
above my head.

Out of the corner of my eye
a tiny flash of light a dark flutter
in the twilight disappearing as I turn toward it.

Suddenly I realize they are everywhere
these dark-winged nightlights
as random as love as brilliant as lust
slow-moving and easy enough
to surround with one hand
wings beat lightly against my fingers
remain dark in the cavern of my palm.

I rotate my wrist let my hand uncurl
and six tiny legs tickle as the lightning bug
walks slowly over my palm
then with a gentle flip of wings
lifts off
lets go
and lights up like the full moon.

* The first (and usually only) full moon in June.

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