Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Adios para la verano y gracias por todos las poemas

Ah, Larry's Poetry Forum.... I will miss it this summer, but I think we'll try to keep doing some sort of poetry thing on Mondays because it's such a great way to start the week. Maybe $3 appletinis at Havana instead of $1.50 glasses of wine. Definitely poems and cheap drinks. Definitely.

I read "Disc" last night, slightly revised, and "How to Conquer Writer's Block". Got good feedback from various people. It was nice to read there one more time, and I am so grateful that someone introduced me to the reading series this winter.

I didn't really write anything during the reading, but I had another glass of wine at home (once I finally succeeded in removing the very stubborn cork from the bottle) and worked on my "Poem With No Verbs". I sometimes feel like my poems are too literal and story-like, so I set myself the challenge of writing something with no verbs at all, just pure description and image. I like some of what I came up with. Will post it later.

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