Saturday, April 19, 2008

We'll Always Have California

This one is still kind of messy. I liked it when I wrote it, but less so after I read it aloud a few weeks ago. I'm still thinking about this one.... Your comments are welcomed!

We’ll Always Have California

Some things once set in motion can not be stopped.
Like avalanches, viruses, love affairs, they gather momentum, claiming victims

We sewed the seeds of our dissolution, I know –
Loose stitches never meant to hold.
The dandelions behind our ears
are yellow today – if we walk tomorrow
they will be dry, white fluff.

We laid our plans
Like paths in the Pacific sand,
Mapping a life by the summer sky.

When I looked up in January, I couldn’t find my way,
And so I’ve wandered, blown by the wind, pulled by gravity
Like an avalanche of flowers – too much beauty sometimes,
Wild, rolling over anyone in its path.

I never moved to the West Coast
And I lost track of you years ago,
But we’ll always have those dreams.
I see them in the sky every June.

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